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American McGee's Alice

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American McGee's Alice Rating Community
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Welcome to mcgee_ratings a rating community for the PC game American McGee's Alice. What is a rating community you might ask? Well members rate each other based on their looks and/or personalities and than those members pick which character you look or act more like.

American McGee's Alice
American McGee's Alice is a third person action game loosely based on the children's books by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, a.k.a. Lewis Carroll. The game uses the power of the Quake 3 Engine and mixes it with inspiration and a unique artistic faire to give the player a trip though a much darker and vicious version of Wonderland. At the beginning of the game, our heroine Alice, a little more mature and a little less sane, sits in an asylum, rocking back and forth with her knees tucked under her chin. She has lost her family in a grave fire, and has sat in this asylum for years on years, her mind shattered by her horrible loss and her maddening memories of Wonderland.

Alice is soon visited, however, by her old "companions" the White Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat. The Queen of Hearts, it seems, has invaded Wonderland again, and is perverting everything she touches, turning it dark, vile, and very dangerous.

But Alice has changed, too. She's quick with a knife, and all too eager to learn how to spread a little destruction and slay those who support the Queen. Wonderland may be dangerous, but it's nothing compared to her.

To save Wonderland, Alice must leave the asylum and adventure through the ruined environments she visited years before. She must fight many foes, but she has the help of a few friends like the Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit. She will also have access to a variety of weapons, such as croquet mallets, bombs, and the deadliest deck of cards you'll ever encounter.

The game was developed by Ritual Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It is single-player only.

001. You must join the community to vote/apply.
002. Upload stamps to your own server.
003. Please keep all applications under an lj-cut.
004. To show that you have read the rules, please put "Were all a little mad." in the title bar.
005. Please be truthful; don't write your applications to fit a certain character's personality.
006. If you have not been stamped after one week, contact gala-gurux (xhodiex@gmail.com).
007. Once you are stamped, please keep voting!
008. Pictures are entirely optional in applications, but if you do provide one, make sure that it is a clear picture and that it is placed under an lj-cut.
009. You will be stamped after 4 votes.
010. You do not have to be stampted to vote
011. Please bold the names of the characters.


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Bill Mcgill
The Cheshire Cat
The Doormouse
The Duchess
The Gryphon
The Jabberwock
The Mad Hatter
The March Hare
The Queen of Hearts
The White Rabbit
Tweedledum & Tweedledee
White King

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