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We're all a little mad, aren't we?

Name: Brittany.
Age: 14.
Hair Color: Light brown.
Eye Color: Hazel.
Gender: Female.

Other Stuff
Likes: Everything listed in 'Hobbies', my family and friends, animals, cute things, animated movies (Disney movies and anything made by Don Bluth, for example), doujinshi/fanfiction/fanart/fangames/fan anything else, sweets, rainbows, all sexualities, guys in drag, funny and cute smilies, funny typos, stuffed animals, mythology, psychology and sociology, nice people, positive things, parodies, comedy, sarcasm, good grammar, intelligence, dark stories, shades of green and blue, ghosts, ghost stories, forests, cool fall days, rain, full moons and being rated as my favorite character at rating communities. (It's happened before. :3)
Dislikes: Homophobes, racists, sexists, ageists, rapists, emo kids, sluts, people who push their religion on others, people who won't shut up, general people who are annoying/bad/mean, smoking, pollution, death, war,
Strengths: I love to help people out and make them happy, I'm cheerful and optimistic most of the time, I can be patient when I'm trying to help people I care about, I'm willing to learn new things, I can be creative at times, I'm curious, and people call me cute and intelligent a lot, even though I don't really think I am. Also, one friend of mine said that I'm "Funny, squishy, a good friend, squishy, trustworthy, squishy, fun to be around, squishy."
Weaknesses: I have a terrible temper, I'm a procrastinator to the max, my self-esteem is low, even though I can be an arrogant little prick around those I find idiotic, I can be too curious at times, I can be too shy at times, sometimes I'm snobby, I am not afraid at ALL to show that I hate someone, even if I know it'll get me in trouble, I could be considered annoying by some people, I do stupid things a lot, I'm impulsive, I have a tendency to whine when things don't go the right way (Not that I want to whine or anything; it's a bad habit.), I'm emotional, I can sometimes be too nice, and I'm too much of a worry wort. (I also suck at most math and at spelling difficult words.)
Hobbies: Anime, manga, video games, forums, LiveJournal, IMing (Most of the time. Random IMs are annoying when you're trying to read/do something, though. D:), reading, writing stories (I've written some fanfiction before), amusing people, confusing annoying people, hugging people/animals/plushies/whatever, going to anime conventions, cosplaying, listening to music, trying and failing to sing the music I'm listening to, humming, whistling, helping people out, funny conversations, taking personality quizzes, trying to be sarcastic/witty and failing horribly, learning interesting but otherwise useless information from Wikipedia, and rating communities.

Which Are You?
Leader or Follower?: I'm much more of a follower than a leader. I guess I can lead when needed, though.
Mature or Immature?: It depends on the situation. I'm mature at school and other places where I have to be, but when I'm at home or on the computer, I act like a little kid.
Optimist or Pessimist?: Optimist, 99.9% of the time.

Something unique about you: I talk to myself a lot and I sometimes believe that there's something seriously wrong with me. ._.;;
What type of friends do you have? My friends are all smart, funny, and somewhat perverted. They rock. X3
Do you have any enemies? Yes, I do. Most of them are annoying, useless morons at school who won't leave me alone, but there's this one emo kid at a forum I go to that I really hate, too.
What's most important to you: My friends and family.

Appearance (photos are optional):
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Who suggested that you come here?: I found the link to it on chrono_rating's profile.


Hmm, I'm not sure why, but I get The White Rabbit :)
Im gonna go with The White Rabbit as well.

November 2006

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