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we're all a little mad

Name: Madison/Maddie
Age: 14
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Female

Other Stuff
Likes: the internet, music, writing, reading, drawing, singing, acting, animals
Dislikes: stereotypes, labels, reality TV, closed minded people
Strengths: I'm willing to stand up for what I believe in, and always voice my opinion.
Weaknesses: I tend to take things too far at times.
Hobbies: The likes section pretty much explains.

Which Are You?
Leader or Follower?: Leader
Mature or Immature?: Eh...a little bit of both. I'm mature when its needed, but can be immature at times.
Optimist or Pessimist?: An equal balance of both. It depends on the situation.

Something unique about you: I don't really consider much about me unique.
What type of friends do you have? Most of my friends share a few things in common with me, but overall, we're all quite different from one another.
Do you have any enemies? Just one, and I won't explain why.
What's most important to you: My family, friends, and pets. All of them support me, and without them, I probably wouldn't be doing much in life. And, yes, animals can provide support!

Appearance (photos are optional): No photo! But...I have dark brown hair, that comes a bit past the shoulders, parted in the middle, which I always wear down. I'm kind of short, and skinny, I guess you could say. I normally wear skirts, and some shirt from Hot Topic, and a sweater. I love wearing stripey stockings~ Oh, and I'm asian.

Who suggested that you come here?: I found it at the American McGee community.


Yay, it's Vanilla!

And, judging by your personality and appearance, I'd say Alice.

November 2006

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